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Build a shot list

This not only gives you a list to work from, but will make you think about what it is you really need

Often I have clients provide me a product and not know what it is they actually want out of their marketing material. By taking the time to think about where and how you intend to use the material, you will be able to get better results from the images created as there is less time spent on photos that you will never use. A product doesn't always need to be photographed in every direction as you may only be aiming to provide a few close ups of a specific feature.

Think about the orientation of the images, will it be online, in a magazine, on a bus?... this information will not only streamline the filming process, but ensure you have everything you need when you get back to your desk and start making your next round of marketing material

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Removing the background of your product shots

Save time and money by doing it right the first time

Most businesses these days will get out the iphone to take the photos for their products, and while this will physically show your clients the products, it isn't going to provide the enticing images that will draw in more buyers....why? Because much like a fancy box on the shelf, people like to feel as though they are buying quality, not something that looks like it is being bought second hand off ebay.

To achieve this you should light your products well before photographing them, this will provide not only higher details, but can accentuate key features of an item and make them look higher quality than what your competition is selling. It is important to remeber if your competitor is putting more effort into their marketing material, they are likely going to have a bigger slice of the markets pie.

A great way to make your photos work in all your media, from online to brouchures, is to have the backgrounds removed so that the photos can be put into anything. By doing this you will no longer need to change background colours as the photos will effectively be as simple as copy and paste, this process known as deep-etching or background removal can save you hours in frustration and time when you are putting new marketing material together.